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Everyone has a Crocodile to Climb on to Grow
You Must Have Your Own “Turtle on Croco” Moment
Befriend Your Fears with “Turtle on Croco”
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One’s Fears

The turtle was long afraid of the crocodile. But he remembered what the great old turtle taught him. Courage is not the absence of fear, but a will to face it with love and positivity.

And so, one day the turtle muscled up the courage and did what no pond animal expected him to do.


He climbed on top of the crocodile’s back, and calmly lay down for a bask in the sun. In a moment of magic, all the fear vanished. From then on, the turtle had a faster way to travel, and a friend to share his stories with.



Most importantly, however, the turtle was no longer afraid.

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Comfort Beyond

the Comfort Zone

Childhood is all about testing and expanding the borders of comfort and familiarity. For both the child and the parents, especially the parents.

The child is naturally inclined to exploration, and such inclination is to be encouraged, however messy it gets. The parents, however, often risk being overprotective.

By raising “comfortable” children, parents are choosing the comfort of parenting at the expense of the extasy of childhood. More often than not, it’s our own fears that block us from letting children be children.

Parents and children, every one of us has a crocodile to climb on. Everyone must learn (and be allowed to learn) to find comfort beyond the comfort zone.

Turtleoncroco Heart

Everyone has a croco to befriend

“Turtle On Croco” is an organic childrenswear brand designed for your child’s comfort beyond the comfort zone.


Created to boost your child’s sense of self, ToC pieces will help your little one conquer fears and embrace new social situations.


Every one of us has a crocodile to climb on, a fear to befriend. At “Turtle on Croco”, we seek to help children and their parents follow in the footsteps of the brave little turtle who climbed on the crocodile’s back and befriended what he feared the most.

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