Green Fashion Formula for your

Fast-Growing Turtle


Featuring collections for toddlers and children aged 2 to 14, “Turtle on Croco” emphasizes the use of organic cotton and linen materials. We don’t just talk sustainability, we walk it.

Through intensive collaboration with KTU (Kaunas University of Technology) scientists, we are making sure that the entire cycle of the product-life is verifiably sustainable.

The brand also follows the principles of ‘Oversized Fashion’ and ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ to help parents find the perfect fashion formula in dressing their fast-growing children.

Fashionably Oversized

To help families live sustainably and match the astounding rate of their kids’ growth, most “Turtle on Croco” pieces are made fashionably oversized. This way your child can wear a single piece for up to two years and play with different styles in the meantime.

The Capsule Method

ToC collections are designed following the capsule method. All clothing pieces in the collection are interchangeable and complement each other. This way, a small number of items create a wide range of mix&match possibilities and a variety of unique styles. Of course, “Turtle on Croco” articles of clothing also work great as accent pieces that complement your child’s basic outfits.



If the turtle could deal with his fear, we can deal with climate warming. It’s time for humanity to have a ‘Turtle on Croco’ moment.

Made with the best interests of turtles, crocos and humans in mind
Help the turtle reach his friend. Keep the sea clear of plastic pollution