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A word from Vilma Pagirė, founder and head designer at “Turtle on Croco”

Founding and running “Turtle on Croco”, a globally ambitious fashion startup, was my own ‘turtle on croco’ moment. When you have a family to take care of and a stable job, you will always find a hundred reasons not to start your own thing. Because the threat of the unknown can be all consuming. Can I be successful not just as a fashion designer, but as a businesswoman? Do enough people care about sustainable fashion and their kids’ sense of comfort and confidence? And how do I reach them?



I’ve had wonderful support, people who helped me muscle up the courage to climb on my crocodile, to face my fear. Now, I want to use my brand to help others tame their own crocodiles. As most parents, I want to help children discover their true selves by exploring adventures and situations that lie beyond their comfort zones. Because that’s the only way to grow. To help them embrace the unknown, I design playful, yet fashionable pieces of clothing that give children that extra boost of confidence.

As for my own children, I am grateful to them for noticing the incredible. A few years back, during our family holiday in Spain, we were visiting a zoo when our youngest Mėja shouted, “Look, Turtle on Croco”. And she was right. A turtle was crossing the pond resting on the back of a crocodile… This is how it all started.